Fertility for Colored Girls: Supporting & Empowering Those Struggling with Infertility


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I was so honored to connect with Reverend Dr. Stacey L. Edwards-Dunn, the force behind Fertility for Colored Girls, a national organization for black women and couples struggling with infertility, miscarriage and loss. Reverend Stacey knows the pain of infertility all too well, both personally and in her work uplifting others on their family building journeys. I’m sure you’ll be as inspired as we were to hear the story behind Fertility for Colored Girls and how their support groups across the US, educational programs, and grants empower and provide hope to many struggling with infertility.

Reverend Dr. Stacey L. Edwards-Dunn, founder of Fertility for Colored Girls

Reverend Dr. Stacey L. Edwards-Dunn, founder of Fertility for Colored Girls

1.In Fertility For Colored Girls – in only 7 years – you have built an incredible national organization supporting women (and men) of color with their family building journeys through the all-too-common struggle with infertility. Can you tell us all about the many components of the Fertility For Colored Girls community and support network?

Certainly, the mission of Fertility for Colored Girls, NFP, is to provide education, awareness, support and encouragement for African American Women/Couples and other women of color struggling with infertility and seeking the building of their dreams. FFCG lives out our mission in the following ways:

1. Holistic Educational Programming regarding the Fertility Journey (IE, Webinars, public forums, etc.)
2. We currently have 13 FFCG- support groups in different states across the country (Chicago, Richmond, DC, Atlanta, Detroit, Memphis-MidSouth, Charlotte, Dallas-FW, Nashville, Philly-TriState, Vegas, LA, NY). In each of these states, we have doctors and other health service providers whom we have vetted to ensure that they will provide quality care for those who come.
3. Prayer Circles Every Monday, 7AMCST
4. We provide grants yearly, The Gift of Hope Family Building Grants as well as we have others who have established grants through FFCG.

We have a strong social media presence in which we educate and support women by building community with a secret group on Facebook, posting on our public FFCG Facebook page and Instagram page as well.


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2.We all wear many hats, but you truly take this to another level as a mother, a Reverend and the President of this amazing organization. We’d love to hear more about your own story as well as what inspired you to create Fertility For Colored Girls.

Prior to ministry, I spent the early years of my professional career providing community health education to school-aged children in the Chicago Public School systems via Winfield Moody Health Center as well as to girls and women at Planned Parenthood. I would then struggle with infertility for 7 years, where I would not only learn about the seriousness and taboo of the issue of infertility in the black community from my own experiences, but God would allow me to meet women/couples in my counseling suite at church who were struggling as well. After numerous encounters with black women/couples struggling with infertility and struggling with infertility personally, God led me to give birth to Fertility for Colored Girls, the National Organization for Black Women and Couples struggling with infertility, miscarriage and loss. I certainly had no idea that FFCG would grow and be what it is today, but it has now become a movement; an organization that has become a beacon of light for Black women and couples struggling with infertility as we have now not only raised awareness in a plethora of ways, but we have also supported approximately 200 women in our 7 years of existence to become parents while helping people understand that Black Women’s Fertility and Reproductive Health Matters too!


The amazing Fertility for Colored Girls community


3.What advice would you give to intended parents on GoStork – who are just beginning their family building journey?

You are not alone on this journey. There are so many people who have been where you are and are currently where you are as well as here to support you! So make sure you find some genuine and healthy support for yourself as you walk this journey. The fertility journey can oftentimes be both challenging and heart wrenching, but remember the following:

1. Stay focused on the goal to become a parent.
2. Remain open to the many options as there are many paths to parenthood.
3. This season is preparing you for the special gift of a child that you will have one day.
4. Hold on to Hope no matter what!

Thank you, Reverend Stacey; your dedication to this cause is changing so many lives. Intended parents, check out Reverend Stacey’s incredible book Hold on to Hope: Stories of Black Women’s Fertility, Faith and Fight to Become Mothers, and follow Fertility for Colored Girls on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for inspiration and support.