It’s Been an Eventful Week Here at GoStork!

Rebecca Hochreiter

CMO of GoStork

We were thrilled to be featured on CNBC’s The News Tuesday evening! We’re also grateful for our amazing intended parents Brandy and Matt, as well as Summer, a gestational carrier currently carrying a very special bundle, for joining us on the segment!

Brandy and Matt shared their story – they tried IVF, and it failed. “It was a pretty huge letdown and very depressing,” says Brandy. So they started looking for an egg donor but finding one was overwhelming – hundreds of agencies and registrations, hidden costs… It was at this point that Brandy came across GoStork, in her own words an ‘expedia for donors’ and a ‘one stop shop’.

As the segment shares, GoStork Founder Eran Amir’s first surrogacy experience was very similar to that of so many other intended parents: “It’s a long, emotional, and stressful process, even finding a surrogacy agency or IVF clinic – there are so many websites out there…yet that there is a lack of transparency in the industry. They don’t even tell you how much it’s going cost you.” This is what inspired him to create GoStork – the first marketplace to find, compare and connect with top fertility providers, as well as find loans to finance their journey.

In case you missed it, we also got to meet Summer, Eran and Mike’s gestational carrier… and got a peek at baby no. 2, due any day now. Yes, Ariel (still our Co-Founder) is about to be promoted to big sister!

Our Co-founder has been handed an eviction notice!

Our Co-founder has been handed an eviction notice!

On that note, we can’t express enough how grateful we are for the support we’re receiving and how humbled we feel to – in return – be supporting so many intended parents on their journeys!