Six Surrogacy Blogs to Follow

Jennifer "Jay" Palumbo

IVF mom of two and infertility advocate

Whether you’re considering becoming a surrogate or you’re an intended parent who wants to learn more about the process, one of the first pieces of advice you receive is to speak to someone who has gone through the surrogacy process.

But what if you don’t know anyone who directly has gone through the process? This is where the online world can be so incredibly helpful.
Between social media, Facebook groups, and blogs, there are many places in the World Wide Web to visit to gain some additional perspective. Of course, in the end, you should always speak to the experts and do your due diligence, but reading through someone else’s experience might help guide you in what you need to know.

Below are just a few blogs on surrogacy. This list includes those who have been gestational carriers as well as intended parents.

Stories from the Stork

After watching a documentary on surrogacy, the author of this blog, Erin, shares the many aspects of being a gestational carrier. As she says on her blog, “After telling a few people of my intentions and getting deer-in-headlights stares, I realized that a lot of people had no idea what gestational surrogacy is! So, I started this blog to chronicle the process and shine light on what gestational surrogacy entails.” I especially love her cartoon that says, “I make families! What is your superpower?”

Our Misconception

This blog is written by a couple, Candace and Chris, who built their family with the help of two gestational carriers. After years of infertility issues, they had their first daughter in 2014 and their second daughter, in 2019. They share their journey with such honesty and humor.

Happie Amie – YouTube

Amie is currently pursuing her second #surrogacy journey. She is documenting her experiences on YouTube as a way to educate people in similar circumstances.

Two Dads UK

Michael and Wes are two passionate dads and the founders of Two Daddies UK. Over the last two and a half years, they’ve been advocating within the UK surrogacy and intended-parenting arena. They want to help normalize same-sex families in the UK and globally by supporting other intended parents and sharing positive, relevant content, helpful resources, and news through their blog.

My Pod, Their Pea

This blog by Leslie documents her experience as being a surrogate, which she has done three times. On her blog, she says, “I get the question, “Won’t it be hard to give up your baby?” and the answer is absolutely not! I’m going into this knowing that this baby (or babies) is not mine and getting to spend time with my IPs and experience and share their excitement helps make this journey all the more special, especially since, by a crazy twist of fate, we got matched with family for our first journey.” She shares the joy of being a gestational carrier with candor and wit.

Mark and Terri (Nothing is Certain Except Death and Taxes)

While Mark and Terri haven’t written on their blog since 2017, their blog is a wealth of experience. They share their journey of the many years of ups and downs in trying to have a child. While looking through their posts, you can see the ups and downs of trying to find an ideal surrogate and the heartbreak of when it doesn’t work out. In the end, however, the surrogate they worked with was a family member and resulted in a beautiful baby boy.

We hope you visit each of these blogs, and who knows? If you begin journaling your family-building journey, GoStork may feature you next!