Welcome to our new blog!

Eran Amir

CEO and Founder of GoStork

For those who don’t know me, I’m the founder of GoStork. We launched earlier this year and have a lot of exciting news to share.

How did I get here?

A few years ago, I started looking into surrogacy – not realizing it would be much more difficult than I ever could have expected.  I spent weeks in the research – weeding through many different websites and information sources, trying to create a structured way to make an informed decision despite the lack of transparency around pricing or any way to compare providers ‘apples to apples’.  After a few false starts, I began to piece together what my process, costs, and roadmap ahead would look like. But even then, there were still surprises along the way.

Fast forward to early 2020. Almost a year after I left my career in technology with the idea to create a platform for intended parents like myself… we launched GoStork.

My co-founder Ariel is just as thrilled as I am that we have built the first place where intended parents can easily find, compare, and connect with top fertility providers across the US.  We offer unique tools and unprecedented transparency needed to save them time while helping them make more informed decisions.

At over 5,000 egg donors we already have the largest online database. We have over 28 surrogacy agencies (and growing fast!) on board as well.  And now we have a blog.

Check back here for thoughts from industry experts, features on our amazing fertility providers, and updates from our team.  Stay tuned for IVF Clinics – coming soon to our platform (we’ll keep you updated here as well).  Finally, you may even hear from Ariel, who by the way is my recently 2-year-old daughter and the incredible result of my surrogacy journey.


Eran Amir, Mike and Ariel

Here she is – cutest co-founder ever huh?

It means a lot to me that we can provide the ideal place for many more intended parents to take their first steps on their own journey to a baby.  In addition to the digital innovation, our platform brings to the industry and the in-depth information provided in our Resources center, we’ve created this particular space – curated to support, inform and inspire – as yet another way to be of service to intended parents and the rest of the fertility ecosystem.

We hope to see you back here soon.